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Dear Guests, welcome!

  • You can be accomodated in any day or night time
  • Unlimited internet access available
  • We offer also bar, breakfast room, social room, garden with a fireplace, carpark, garrage
  • We are a non-smoking hotel
  • Please abide a night time between 10p.m. and 6 a.m.
  • You keep the keys with you during your stay. Please lock the door and throw the keys into the safe at the corridor, or let them at the reception and slam the outer door

You hanged on so far? Incredible!
Here is a manual how and where to call:
The phone in the room can connect you with a reception and office.
An example of an interroom calling:
Add 100 and a number of the room, e. g. Room 6: use the number 106.

Internal numbers:

- reception, bar, breakfast room, internet: 12
- kitchen, social room: 101
- administrator, accounter: 14, 15
- In case you haven't number 12 calls answered, please press "recepce" button at the entrance or the gate

Using 0 you can call:

- police (0) 158
- fire brigade (0) 150
- ambulance (0) 155
- all numbers (0) 800 ... ...
- and for all X cards (0) 822 ... ... - casual calling is possible with an X card, that can be bought at the reception.

Wake-up signal

Please set on your phone #58hhmm (e.g.: #580530 - you will be waken by telephone exchange at 05,30 a.m.), storno of the wake up signal: #583 Now enjoy your stay and see you soon during your next visit!
It was a pleasure!

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+420 577 912 735

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